Enrich students with knowledge of the latest technology and innovation.


Encourage students to build on their innovative and creative ideas.


Empower students by assisting and guiding them with the right resources needed to succeed.

About TSU Computer Society

The Texas Southern University Computer Society (TSUCS) was formed to bring information to TSU students interested in the computer science and technology industry. As a historically black university, we strive to develop our member’s professional skills and build innovative projects that can help them begin understanding the industry before they go into it.

TSUCS Committees

Texas Southern University Computer Society began a new initiative 2016 to have committees that focus on specific fields on the tech scene today. These committees will host workshops, fairs, code hours and more. We currently have the Game Development Committee, Web Development Committee, Tiger Hackers Committee and more in the works. This to help our members choose a path that the love most and build on their skills to become experts in their respective favored fields.